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You CAN Live in Your Home During a Remodel – Home Improvement

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Remodeling your house can be hectic with so many decisions to make. Naturally, you begin to check off the items on your list. Proceeding down the list, you come to a bullet point that states, “living situation.” The question presents itself, “should you stay at home during the remodel?” YES! There are plenty of advantages of living at home. The following are recommendations from Good to Go maintenance for making the most of your house during a remodel, after all our professional constructors are passionate about home improvement services in Long Island, NY!

Trust Your Contractor

There may be a million scenarios going through your mind right now. Whatever concerns may arise, do not fret and feel free to ask us questions. The contractors at Good to Go Maintenance offers professional expertise, providing you with any and all remodeling advice. After all, remodeling is a serious business, so you do not want just anyone working on your house. Trust the experts! We have nearly 40 years experience in home improvement services in Long Island, NY!

Have Your Own Space

During the renovations, secure your belongings in a separate space or room to prevent debris or dust from getting on your belongings. You may also want to prepare a space where you can cook, do the laundry, and carry out other regular tasks. In general, we understand that you value your own time when coming home, so we can set a time that is most convenient for you. We can work during the day, and you can have your peace of mind at the end the day. 


Daily Tidy-Ups 

We will communicate with you through the whole progress. If our work is not meeting your standards, let us know. We will always do our daily tasks of tidying our work station. We can place plastic barriers between rooms and flooring to protect spreading chemical fumes. No one wants to have an extra nail lying around the house, so our contractors ensure that the job site is left in the best possible condition at the end of the day. 

There are so many considerations that go into remodeling a house, and it may not be easy to decide where you will stay.  Though, the decision to stay at home is possible with our recommendations. We are committed to your comfort as much we are committed to our craftsmanship. You rest at home, and we won’t rest until you are satisfied with our services! Call today to learn more about our home improvement services in Long Island, NY!