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 Top 4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

Tips from Long Island’s Premier Construction Contractor

Hurricane season can be a very stressful time of the year for anyone living on the east coast. You have to constantly pay attention to the weather so that you can have enough time to prepare yourself, your home, and your loved ones for the potential storm that is coming. If you have never been through hurricane season on the east coast before, you should know that you may be vulnerable to extensive property damage, so it’s crucial that you take the necessary precautions to limit the losses of a potential hurricane.

Here’s how you can start preparing your home for the upcoming storm:

Seal All of Your Windows and Doors

This is a fairly simple project, but it can have an enormous impact on the amount of damage that a hurricane does to your home. Over time, the seals around your windows and doors can start to deteriorate –  especially in hot weather. During a storm, rain and wind can blow sideways and get into your home if the windows and doors aren’t adequately sealed, which can do damage to the walls and floors. You can buy window sealant at a department store and do it yourself, or you can call a trusted Long Island construction contractor to carry out the task for you. Either way, it is imperative to consider this before a storm arrives.

Make Sure All Carports and Porches Are Secure

Carports have a tendency stick out of the side of a house and have little support anchoring them to the ground. When the wind starts blowing, they can even act like a sail and rip a large hole in your house if not secured. Call Good to Go Maintenance or another local construction contractor in Long Island, NY to take the actions necessary to secure porches and carports.

Stabilize Your Garage Door

Garage doors have the terribly annoying tendency of being completely blown in by the wind of a strong storm. It can be a very expensive thing to fix, especially if you had an attic above a garage with an unreinforced garage door. Investing in a garage door stabilization brace is a good way to ensure that you are prepared for a hurricane.

Secure, Seal, and Strap Your Roof

If you have lived in the Long Island area for a long time, you have probably seen some pretty rough storms come through. You may have even seen houses that have been completely torn apart by a hurricane. One thing a lot of those houses have in common is a roof that has been completely detached from the walls of the house. Consider having metal straps added to secure your roof to the walls of your home to prevent this from happening. Furthermore, it is important that all of your roof tiles and shingles are secured so that there are no cracks or places that water can leak into the house.

Good to Go Maintenance, your premier construction contractor in Long Island, NY, can help prevent damage to your home during the hurricane season. The time to start preparing for storms isn’t the day before one hits – it’s now. Call Good to Go Maintenance today!