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Good to Go Maintenance

5 Major Causes of Fires in Winter and How to Avoid Them

good to go maintenance offers fire repair in long island ny

Winter is the top season for house fires, and with the cold in full swing, it’s time to look at some tips on how to avoid this type of catastrophe. Often the smallest things we may not even think about can cause the greatest disasters. The good news? Though it’s often the smallest mistakes that…

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New Year, New Bathroom

good to go maintenance provides bathroom remodeling in long island ny

We’ve all heard the common saying, “new year, new me,” right? As trite as that expression may be, it does hold a strong shred of truth. The new year brings opportunities for us to set fresh goals and accomplish bold, new feats. Whether our goals are related to our health, finance, or family, we are…

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Save Your Home from Winter Disaster in Long Island, NY

protect your home this winter with a general contractor from long island ny

Christmas shopping completed…Check Driveway plowed…Check Vacation booked…Check Home prepared for the winter…Uh-Oh When we first notice that initial dip in the weather, our mind begins to wander to the upcoming celebrations ahead. From preparing to travel to meet family members, to searching for the perfect gifts, to creating new season traditions, our thoughts are seldom…

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Save Big With Siding This Fall

let a general contractor in long island repair your siding this fall

After a long, hot summer, we are finally able to embrace cool autumn days. Air conditioners turn off and windows fly open to enjoy the fall breeze. However, in a few short months, these cool autumn days can quickly turn into brutally cold winter ones. Your home is on the front lines, protecting you from…

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Stay Warm & Save Big – General Contractor Long Island, NY

seal your doors and windows from the cold with good to go maintenance in long island ny

Now that summer is on its way out and the weather is getting cooler, you’re noticing a bit of a draft coming from the trim around your front door.  That’s no good.  Considering how bad the draft is, you worry that there may be other drafts coming through cracks in your windows and doors that…

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Replace Your Roof Before Winter Comes

replace your roof before winter comes with a general contractor in long island ny

Your roof is one of the most integral parts of your home. It protects your family from the elements, so problems with it can become catastrophic. Water damage can wreck a home, which is why knowing your roof is water-tight and sturdy for the upcoming fall and winter is extremely important. Each season has its…

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Chapter 5: Energy Efficiency Made Possible

good to go maintenance is a general contractor in new york working on energy efficiency

The Investigation “I don’t understand,” Simon sighed as he plopped down on the couch. “Why does this bill keep going up?” “What do you mean?” Mackenzie asked.  “Okay, so I get that it’s summer, but I keep turning down the AC only to get a more and more expensive bill with each coming month,” he…

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Chapter 4: Taking Advantage of Rising Temperatures

a general contractor long island ny can make your dream a reality

Free at Last! Sometimes winter drags…this past winter especially; however, just when we thought we would never see warm weather again, spring peaked around the corner! Kiss those cold temperatures goodbye and roll out the red carpet for warmer days. Here at Good to Go Maintenance, we are just as excited as you! Our team…

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