increased space with dormer installationIncreased Space

Dormers provide more freedom by providing you with more headspace.

better air flow with dormers in Long Island NYExtra Ventilation

Dormers let you control how much air you let into your home.

Long Island dormer style updateImproved Style

The sleek look of the dormer is not only nice to view but adds more security to the structure of your home.


Dormers in Long Island, New York

Dormers - The Perfect Highlight for Your Home

Dormers are the perfect highlight to your home, as they are able to create stunning natural lighting while letting in fresh air. The triangular design of the dormer also adds a nice touch of flair while the structure gives your roof extra support. The interior of the dormer can be elevated to provide you with more space.  In addition to building new dormers, our team is also able to repair existing dormers efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our Long Island dormer services and get a free estimate whether if you are looking to repair or install new dormers.

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Dormer Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Good to Go Maintenance can efficiently install and repair dormers on your home. Dormers are a triangular-shaped structure that gives extra support to the roof of your home, and they’re usually built at the point where two sloping sides meet.

Some popular dormer designs are:


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