give style to your home with a room addition from good to go maintenance in long island ny

You know the feeling; the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and it doesn’t hurt to breathe in the air anymore…

Finally—spring is here.

As you roll out of your “hibernation” and start upon your spring to-do list, you wonder if 2020 is the year to finally start your room addition. Think about it—your mother-in-law is moving in and she’ll need somewhere to sleep…or what about that sunroom you’ve been dreaming of?

No matter what you envision when you hear “room addition,” Good to Go Maintenance, a general contractor in Long Island, NY, is here to give you five reasons why room additions are extremely beneficial.

Drrrrrrrrrrrum-roll, please…

#1 Extra Space

have more usable square footage with good to go maintenance a general contractor in long island ny

Who doesn’t love extra room to spread out?

Whether you’re adding a bedroom, expanding your basement, or creating a side room, a room addition can increase the usable square footage within your home! With the extra room, you’ll have more space to explore your hobbies and add an extra flair to your interior decorating.

#2 Increase Your Home’s Value

When it comes to home improvement projects like room additions, you can actually increase the value of your home—which will come in handy if you’re looking to sell. If your room addition brings comfort, efficiency, or interesting architectural design, your home will be worth more than before the addition. Finished basements, in particular, can add a significant increase in sale price when the time comes to sell.

#3 You Don’t Have to Move

a room addition can add extra value to your long island ny home

The kids are growing up, the in-laws are moving in, and your oldest is home from college for the summer…do you need a bigger house?

Buying a new house is costly, time-consuming, and can be an extremely stressful experience—not how anyone wants to spend their spring. With room additions, you can still live within your home and design a new space exactly the way you envision it—no hunting around required!

#4 Improve Your Space

When it comes to your home, why not have exactly the space that you envision? With room additions, you can add the perfect closet to your bedroom, a luxury bathroom to your master bedroom, a sunroom to complement your living room…the possibilities are endless.

With a room addition, you have the opportunity to add your personal style to any room—a fresh start.

#5 Rent a Room

rent out your room addition from good to go maintenance in long island ny

Looking for some extra cash…how about renting out your room addition?

Build the room of your dreams, then cover the cost of the construction by renting your new space to an interested tenant. Though not the most common method, one-room rentals are always popular housing options—popular options that can be lucrative too!

Okay, so Who Should Do My Room Addition?

Whether it’s a new bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, you name it—you should always entrust your room addition to an experienced, licensed general contractor.

At Good to Go Maintenance, a general contractor in Long Island, NY, we involve you in your projects to help make your dream a reality.

So, what can you expect from us?

We start off every project with a free consultation! We then work with you to help you create a wish list, or a list of everything that you desire from a project including materials, design, and color scheme. We then create a timeline so you know when each step of your project will be completed. The last step? We hit the ground running—staying on time, on task, and on budget!

For more information on how we can build your room addition, call us at (631) 403-7855 to learn more.