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Replace Your Roof Before Winter Comes

replace your roof before winter comes with a general contractor in long island ny

Your roof is one of the most integral parts of your home. It protects your family from the elements, so problems with it can become catastrophic. Water damage can wreck a home, which is why knowing your roof is water-tight and sturdy for the upcoming fall and winter is extremely important. Each season has its own ways of uniquely damaging a roof, and from the summer heat to the weight of inches (or feet) of snow, you need to know your home and everything in it is safe. 

Read on about some of the perils your roof can face and why you should reach out to a general contractor in Long Island, New York to get the repairs your roof needs before the seasons change.

What Damages Can Occur to My Roof Each Season?

No time of the year is completely safe for your home’s roof. Spring thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds and heavy limbs can do a lot of damage. The heat of the summer sun beating down on your roof can prove extremely damaging to your shingles—literally cooking them off of your house. Fall can bring an unexpected wintery mix, and then when winter does come, the snow build-up on your roof can cause it to come crashing down.

Winter and summer, in particular, are dangerous for your roof, as the two extremes of temperature and weather create the most damage. Your main concern in summer should be the shingles becoming brittle, but winter brings lots of its own problems. Ice buildup can tear down gutters and shingles, and runoff from melting snow and ice can find its way into your home through the smallest cracks in your roof. Condensation from the heat in your attic and the cold outside mixed with poor ventilation can also lead to wood rot. 

Why Is Roof Maintenance so Important?

let good to go maintenance in long island ny repair your roof before winter storms come

The best way to keep your home safe from the elements and water damage is to get regular maintenance, as well as having it replaced when it needs to be. Most roofs last around 12-15 years before they need to be replaced, but some can last much longer with routine maintenance and good construction. 

You can do simple maintenance at home to help extend your roof’s life. Things like clearing snow off your roof, looking for damaged shingles or signs of mold, as well as clearing gutters and debris from the roof. Professional maintenance is also a major step in protecting your roof, as they can keep it from developing any hard-to-spot leaks or rot and weaknesses. 

All of these checks come together to make a comprehensive plan to protect your home, and you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a general contractor in Long Island, New York to make sure they’re done right.

When Is the Best Time to Have Maintenance Done on My Roof?

good to go maintenance has over thirty five years of experience with repairing roofs in long island ny

While maintenance can technically be done year-round, the best time to have it done is when the weather is warm so that your roofers can have the best results. In winter, tools can have trouble operating as well, and the bonding of the materials to your roof can have worse results.  

Fall and spring offer good conditions for roofers to do their work, as temperatures can be optimal for much of the time, but you should still watch out for inclement weather and the occasional wintery mix. Fall also allows homeowners to have a general contractor catch any damage that may have been caused in the summer, as well as preparing for the trouble winter brings all in the same trip.

Where Can I Get Help With My Roof Repairs?

Whether you’re looking to fix an existing problem or have preventative care done, you can’t go wrong getting the job done by Good to Go Maintenance, a general contractor in Long Island, New York. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, you can contact Good to Go Maintenance for any work you need done or any questions you have about roofing construction or maintenance. Don’t neglect to get your roof the care it needs before the year’s hardest months arrive, keep your home and family safe with a sturdy roof overhead.