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Good to Go Maintenance

Ring in the New Year With a Fresh Long Island, NY Kitchen Remodel

Good to go Maintenance provides Long Island, NY kitchen remodels

Out with the old, and in with the new! Bland cabinets, worn floors, and faded sinks are a thing of the past. Now transform your kitchen into a beautiful hosting space for future gatherings with family and friends. The only thing you need is a general contractor that you can trust… which can seem almost impossible with the amount of remodeling horror stories that can be found.

But don’t worry!

At Good to Go Maintenance, we make an effort to involve our clients as much as possible. From the strategic planning to the design, to the implementation your opinion matters. When it comes to obtaining your dream kitchen, let our expertise guide your fresh, upcoming, Long Island, NY kitchen remodel.

Add Lighting to your Long Island, NY Kitchen Remodel

Having a light, well-lit space is key to a trendy, luxurious-looking kitchen. Listed below are tips to make your kitchen bright.

  • Warm lights: Mix warm lights to liven up your cabinet areas. Warm lights are essential to creating a feeling of peace and relaxation, which is perfect for a family-centered kitchen. When paired with warm colored cabinets, it can enhance and enrich the color of the paint.  
  • Bold light fixtures: Provide a central focus in your kitchen by hanging a bold lighting fixture. Bold fixtures help pull rooms together as well as provide a conversation starter for your guests.  
  • Geometric lighting pendants: To include mood lighting in your kitchen while introducing a wow-factor, pendants are the way to go. Geometric lighting pendants are modern, edgy, and warm— a trifecta.
  • LED lighting: With the newest advances in LED technology, lighting possibilities are endless. Popular uses for LED lights include placing lighting strips underneath your cabinets to illuminate your counter, or for use in light fixtures like chandeliers.   

What Flooring Does Your Kitchen Remodel Need?

Hardwood floors easily open into other household spaces

Since the kitchen floor doubles as a dance floor, spill catcher, and pet sanctuary, it’s important to choose the right material. Listed below are some popular options used for kitchen floors.

  • Porcelain tile: Praised for its sleek look and waterproof abilities, porcelain tile is a popular option when people want a floor with a fresh look and stain proof capabilities.  
  • Hardwood: Hardwood is a durable option that can open into other rooms effortlessly. This type of flooring is most valued for its rustic look and ability to withstand foot traffic.
  • Vinyl flooring: Vinyl is an extremely popular option because it can come in many different hues and textures. Vinyl is also highly durable—which means spills and other messes can be easily cleaned.
  • Cork flooring: This eco-friendly option is an excellent fit for those who desire a softer surface, that doubles as a great insulator.   

Good to Go Maintenance is Smart With Organization

The process of planning a kitchen remodel is tedious work— but it doesn’t have to be. At Good to Go Maintenance, we understand that large projects can be overwhelming, which is why we designed a simple plan to help meet all your needs.

  1. Consultation: With a free consultation, we help you conceptualize your project needs and provide you with an estimate.
  2. Your wishlist:  At this stage, we create a list of the design, color scheme, and materials that you want implemented in your Long Island, NY kitchen remodel. This step helps us gather your opinions and preferences.
  3. Timeline: Next, we create a timeline so that you can be better informed of the stages and progression of your project.
  4. Project completion: With a timeline established, our contractors will make sure to stay on time, on task and on budget— delivering results right when you expect them.

With nearly 40 years of experience in remodeling projects, we have extensive experience with delivering high standard results. For help with your next kitchen remodeling project, visit Good to Go Maintenance and see how we can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.