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Good to Go Maintenance

Chapter 3: Water Damage No More – General Contractor, Long Island, NY

With spring coming into full blossom, we can expect rains to follow suit. As with all spring flowers, a little rain is necessary; however, when that rain becomes too much for our homesmake sure your spring is off to a great start

that’s when the worries begin to build…

That is Also When a General Contractor Long Island, NY Can Come in Handy!

As a home or building ages, we expect leaks to spring up and old windows to drip with rainwater. These issues are particularly common after the brutally cold temperatures that we’ve had this past winter. The below-freezing temperatures aren’t exactly easy on our homes, especially when it comes to fluctuating temperatures. The melting snow turns into water which sinks deep into the cracks and openings in our roofs, structure, or foundations of our homes. This liquid, paired with drastically fluctuating temperatures, can be a disastrous duo. Once the temperature dips below freezing, the liquid expands into ice and further cracks or creates cracks within the material. Over time, this can damage your home resulting in the leaks and ruptures that were mentioned earlier.

It Doesn’t Stop At Small Leaks

stop worrying about water damageDepending on where you live and the condition of your home, you may face more concerning problems. Some individuals may see that flooding is a frequent issue within their homes. Whether that is due to a simple leak or due to their home being built close to the water table, the issue can develop into a more serious flooding problem. Both of these can result in health concerning predicaments. We can help address these issues and patch up the cracks and crevices of your home, ensuring that you don’t suffer from these concerns.

The Dangers of Waiting

Procrastinating on addressing this issue is not a joke. Sure, at first it may not seem so serious if a small leak develops, and you can simply push a pot under the “splash-zone” or place a rag near a leaky window; however, the long term presents more serious issues. Mold thrives in households with water leakage problems.

A Danger that Will Literally Take Your Breath Away

Homes with leak issues frequently host a build-up of moisture—and thus mold and mildew. At first, you may think,

“Eh, a little mold can’t hurt me…”a general contractor long island ny can help you

Even willpower can’t withstand this complication. Build-up of mold and mildew can have dangerous effects on you and your family. It can trigger asthma and further diminish the health of those already suffering from respiratory issues. For this reason, it is crucial that you address any suspicions of water damage which may lead to the development of such hazardous fungi.

Better Safe Than Sorry

After significant water damage, be sure to check your home. Flooding damage must be seen to as soon as possible. It is a hotspot for mildew and mold development.

In fact, mold can begin to grow within 24 hours of the water damage incident!

In other occasions, we may not even notice the mildew or mold when it first takes root. For this reason, it is important you take the initiative to contact professionals like a general contractor Long Island, NY to fend off these threats.

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