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Good to Go Maintenance

Save Big With Siding This Fall

let a general contractor in long island repair your siding this fall

After a long, hot summer, we are finally able to embrace cool autumn days. Air conditioners turn off and windows fly open to enjoy the fall breeze. However, in a few short months, these cool autumn days can quickly turn into brutally cold winter ones. Your home is on the front lines, protecting you from intense weather, but if not properly equipped, it might not be up to the task. That is why it’s important to know whether or not your house’s siding is going to withstand the long winter season.

Let Good to Go Maintenance, a general contractor in Long Island, NY with over 35 years of experience, help you determine when to change your siding! 

How Do You Know When You Should Get New Siding?

These are telltale signs that your home may need a siding update.

  • Bubbling and Warped Panels – These panels can be covering bigger issues and concealing moisture underneath!
  • High Energy Bills – New siding can help eliminate drafts and better insulate your home—especially in winter months. A great way to cut costs!
  • Dry Rot – Rot prevents siding from protecting your home from the elements. 
  • Cracks and Gaps – Cracks and gaps can diminish your home’s overall structural integrity. With holes in the siding, it can no longer protect your home like it was meant to do.  
  • Moisture and Mold – If there is moisture or mold on your siding, there is a good chance that it is getting into your home as well. 
  • Fading and Paint Problems – Fading shows that the siding is weaker than it should be and is outdated. 
shield your long island home from freezing temperatures by replacing your siding

What Happens to Siding in the Winter?

During the winter months, freezing temperatures cause siding, specifically vinyl, to become fragile. The extreme temperatures freeze the siding, making it easier to crack and break. Strong winds can blow off the siding as well if it is not installed properly or if it is significantly lightweight. This type of buckling, ripping, and pulling is easy to see when visually inspecting the siding.

Why Should You Refresh Your Siding in the Fall?

good to go maintenance in long island can help prep your home for winter

Contacting your favorite general contractor in Long Island, NY this fall has its perks:

  • Cheaper Rates – Contractors generally see less work during the fall and winter months and usually run specials during this time to bring in more clients. Building materials also tend to go on sale, due to lack of construction during cold, winter months.
  • More Availability – Since there are more clients wanting work done during the spring and summer seasons, contractors have a larger availability during fall. 
  • Easier Installation – Siding installation in warmer weather can be difficult because the contractor has to consider the expansion. If not done properly, the siding can buckle. In the fall, the temperature is ideal for installation. 

How Can Good to Go Maintenance Help With Your Siding Needs?

Good to Go Maintenance can help bring new color and texture to your home with a wide variety of siding to choose from. Our goal is to make your home improvement project feel effortless and fulfilling. Our employees will help ensure you find the siding that makes your house feel like home. Finding a reliable general contractor in Long Island, NY has never been so easy—contact us for more information.